August 20, 2015: August ACN

It has been a very busy August so far. As of the second week of the month we have already rescued 53 dogs and cats and had 41 owned animals spayed and neutered.

Thanks to Team Rose, Kim and Sue for being on the streets all weekend helping and rescuing animals, assisting with food, doing welfare checks and educating pet owners on humane and proper care of outdoor and indoor animals and the importance of spay and neuter and vaccines!

The Animal Care Network does the best that we can for each and every dog, puppy, cat and kitten that we rescue. We must tell the good stories as well as the bad, because what we are dealing with is reality.

As everyone in animal welfare knows, street work can be very challenging and heartbreaking yet rewarding at the same time! Every single dog and cat that we rescue, assist or spay and neuter is worth every moment!!


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