August 14, 2015: Heat and Pets

The temps will be in high 80’s for the next ten days, even reaching over 90 degrees,
this can be very dangerous for dogs and cats, especially when kept outdoors 24/7.

While on the streets the volunteers continue to find chained up dogs with absolutely
no shade and no water. We educate, educate, educate, talk, talk, talk and pass
out hot weather tips at every single address. One dog was so hot, he had dug a hole so
deep along the fence line, we could not find him and when we did we thought he was dead,
we had to shake him and pull him out to get him some water and relief. YES the owner was
spoken to! Addresses are also reported to animal control.

Volunteers also continue to see people walking dogs to the point where they cannot
walk any further and even collapse. We are constantly stopping and trying to help
but most times the owners are aggressive and not receptive, and greet us with
attitude. Authorities are always called!

Last weekend we had calls regarding three separate dogs left in hot cars with the windows
all the way up. If we are not available we ask that people call the appropriate authorities

This is not that difficult, if your dogs live outside, make sure they have adequate
shade, shelter and water! Check on them frequently! Do not over exercise or
walk and do not leave your pets in the car, even for a few minutes!!!

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