August 13, 2015: Rescued Cats and Kittens

As hard as the Animal Care Network team works on the streets there are still cats and kittens everywhere. As much rescue and spay neuter that our team does, the cat overpopulation keeps us running from morning until night, seven days a week. Here are some of the recent rescues!

One day alone we rescued 18 cats and kittens! The cats that are outside in our target area are not safe, many of them are found abused, tortured, killed, starving, sick and injured. Some are missing eyes, anemic from flea infestation, maggot covered and some are literally dying. We do the best for each and every one, sadly some have to be humanely
euthanized to the fault of no one but the person who abandoned them  or bred them. We try to respond as soon as possible to every call and have arrived to pick up cats and kittens literally taking their last breath.

Thank you to the Michigan Animal Rescue League, local shelters and our other rescue partners for taking many of these guys.

Also thank you to Ross Hospital for Animals, Oakland Veterinary Emergency and Blue Pearl for helping with humane euthanasia for animals that are truly suffering.


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