August 10, 2015: New Doghouses

Miracle and Dolla were living outside and their doghouses were falling apart.
Poor Dolla didn’t even have a bottom on his house and Miracle’s was leaking,
broken and missing part of the top. Not sure how they made it through the
winter in these dilapidated doghouses!

Well, after getting both dogs spayed, neutered and vaccinated through the
Animal Care Network spay neuter program they both got brand new houses
drilled on to sturdy wooden pallets!

Of course Dolla immediately started marking his new doghouse and Miracle jumped
right in hers to check it out.

As volunteers we cannot force people to take their dogs inside, unchain them or
go out and buy new doghouses. So our goal has to be to get these dogs spayed
and neutered, educate the owners on proper and humane care and provide new
adequate shelter to those that qualify!

These two really nice dogs are much better off than they were and we will
continue to check on them.

A very big thank you to our friend and supporter Betsy Barnes for purchasing
doghouses for the Animal Care Network to provide to needy outdoor dogs such as this.


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