August 1, 2015: Pit Bulls Rescued

Five more pit bulls rescued from our target area, all beautiful, all with their own stories
to tell

Bongo was found tied to a tree in an alley, skinny and scarred up, reports were she
had been abandoned there for two days. A good Samaritan rescued her and took her
home and called ACN. Very untrusting upon first meeting.

Bachelor had 3 homes in a matter of two weeks and was then surrendered because
he was just “too much”. Nice friendly BIG male neutered dog with a massive amount of energy.

Kahlua was surrendered when her owner was moving THAT DAY. ACN was told the
owners were planning on leaving her behind, we went and got her immediately. She does not like other female dogs.

Bronson was given up, skin and bones, because the other dogs in the household were
being aggressive towards him, not letting him eat. He is very leary of other dogs. Can climb a fence like nothing.

Spice, we tried to rescue when she was a puppy, she lived at a house where we rescued a litter of dying pit bull puppies. Someone she made it but ended up chained in the backyard and has issues with certain people

If you would like to foster or adopt any of these dogs or become a foster home to work with dogs like these that need socialization, training and love please call the office at 248-545-5055. Experience is a must!

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