April 5, 2015: Spay and Neuter

On one block in our target area between three houses there are nine pit bulls and four cats!!! Thirteen dogs and cats!

The good news is they are all spayed and neutered thanks to the hard work, persistence and education from the ACN volunteers.

One of the female dogs had a litter of FIFTEEN puppies! Oh no! We had been attempting to get her fixed when she was a puppy but it was just not happening. Once again “she has to have just one litter”. Well not only did we get the mom fixed but we were able to get five of her 8-week old puppies living in the block done too! (We would have had all 15 fixed but many of them had already been sold or given away)

We checked up on the three households this weekend and everyone is doing great, nice temperaments and all inside the house and happy to see the volunteers. We dropped off some food, treats and upcoming vaccine clinic information to everyone. These are some very cool dogs and cats and the owners are okay too!!

Early spay and neuter all the way!!!!

spay neuter april 5 2015

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