April 27, 2015: New Family that Needed Help

Brandy recently moved to one of our target areas and heard about the Animal Care Network program. She called to see if we could help her out with dog food for her two dogs. She had fallen on hard times like WE ALL DO and was concerned about the dogs having something to eat.

We stopped by to meet her and her two dogs, which she has had for six years. She had already had her male dog neutered years ago, but never had the money to get the female done. We explained our food assistance guidelines to her and by the end of the conversation, we had an appointment for her female dog to be spayed and vaccinated. We gave her enough food and treats to get by until the appointment. Her male dog was running around the yard with a two liter plastic pop bottle in his mouth, so
very proud of it, so we also gave him a couple of new toys! So cute!

The Animal Care Network will be providing financial assistance and transportation to get her female dog spayed and this couple is very, very appreciative for the help!!

This is such a cool program isn’t it???



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