April 24, 2015: Food Assistance – Pit Bulls

OMG, I feel like I am driving the “pitty” wagon!!!

Two of our spay neuter recipients needed help with dog food and since everyone was spayed and neutered we are always happy to help!!

They sure do know when the rescue van is pulling up because no sooner do I put it in park, they are all out the door and trying to get in the van.  Once they get in they WILL NOT get out!

Helping themselves to treats and completely destroying my “office” which is the passenger seat.

Four awesome pit bulls at one address, one with very funny ears and two at the other address.  They all live in the house and as you can see are very well socialized and have great weight!

These are the people we love to help, responsible dog owners, that are not contributing to the problem and treat their dogs as family.

The two male dogs from the same house were getting into terrible fights and the owner told me that they have not had one fight since they got neutered!! Amen!

Love these guys!!  They all got big bags of dog food and lots of treats thanks to a big food donation from Detroit Dog Rescue!!!

Food assistance pit bulls

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