April 21, 2015: Thank You to DDR and Corporate Auto Resources

A very big sincere thank you to our friends and supporters at Detroit Dog Rescue.  Every time we get into a bind and are low on dog and cat food for our outreach program, these guys come through for us!!!   Seriously, both of our groups are doing the best that we can for the animals in our little corners of the world and it sure does help to have support like this!

So thank you DDR for always being so generous and giving and coming through for us once again!!!  You guys are the best!!!

Another big sincere thank you to the Tompor’s and friends at Corporate Auto Resources!  Thank you for picking up and delivering this awesome load of supplies for the dogs and cats in our target area!!

We are definitely blessed to have both of your teams in our corner!!!!

We are forever grateful and we love you very much!!!

thank you ddr and corporate auto


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