April 21, 2015: ACN Weekend Teams

A big thank you to Edwina, Marcella, Sue and Frankie for being on the streets all weekend!!!

Over 50 addresses were visited and thirteen dogs and cats were rescued!  Pet owners were assisted with dog food, cat food, straw and educational information.

We are volunteers that provide assistance, spay neuter and education to pet owners.   We have no authority to take animals or give tickets or citations.  Every backyard dog is given fresh food and water, something to chew on and some much needed love and their chains are checked and untangled. The teams always offer rescue to get each and every animal out of a bad situation.  It really is such a sad shame and such a disgrace how some of these dogs live.

We have already made spay and neuter appointments for some of these dogs and cats that were visited on the weekend!!!

Good work Edwina and Marcella who stopped at one address with four pit bulls, mother, father and two five-month old male puppies, another disaster waiting to happen.  Thanks to good education and smart talking these dogs are going in this week to be fixed and vaccinated.

A productive weekend it was, but again bearing witness to these outdoor animals always hurts our hearts.

Thanks team!!!

acn weekend teams april 19 2015


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