April 17, 2015: Margie was Rescued

The ACN received a call to pick up a dog that the person just didn’t want. The person also said, “oh the dog may be a little tangled up when you get there”.   A little? You think?

We responded immediately and found Margie completely tangled amongst the cable and tree branches, unable to move and choking, with no food, no water, very skinny and hair loss.  This is why we must respond immediately to these calls and the dog or cat must go with us whether we have a foster home or rescue lined up or not!!

She was SO happy to see us and jumped right into the crate in the rescue van.  What a sweetheart!

Margie is doing very well in a foster home, gaining weight and being properly socialized.  She can jump a fence in two second flat so has to be on an untangled, uninterrupted tie-out cable at all times.

Margie will have to be monitored for health and temperament for several weeks, gain weight and be vaccinated and spayed before adoption.

If you would like to open your home to foster a large breed dog until they are ready for adoption please CALL our office at 248-545-5055.

Must be experienced and be willing to make multiple visits to veterinarian.

margie was rescued

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