April 17, 2015: Food Assistance Program – Donations Needed

It is only the second week of April and the Animal Care Network volunteers have already made 420 visits, hundreds of these visits are for dog and cat food assistance!!!  We are desperately low on dry dog and dry cat food!!

Please donate to the Animal Care Network food assistance program.  The Animal Care Network program mandates that all dogs and cats be spayed and neutered so this program is a DOUBLE AND TRIPLE plus positive!!!

These are some of the dogs and cats that your donations will be directly helping.  You will be helping pet owners that have fallen on hard times, whether it be loss of job, loss of income, loss of home, medical, disability, seniors, lack of transportation.  These dogs and cats are all spayed and neutered and ARE NOT adding to the pet overpopulation.  Their owners deserve the help so that these animals can stay in the home and be fed.

We all need help at one time or another, so PLEASE make a donation our community outreach program today!

Dry dog and dry cat food fundraising link:  https://www.crowdrise.com/Donationsneeded/fundraiser/michigananimaladopti


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