April 16, 2015: Mia and Family

Meet Mia and her family. Jenny had her first dog and cat fixed through the Animal Care Network many years ago, so when she got Mia from a family member she called ACN for assistance. Mia looked terrible when Jenny got her, her hair was falling out, her skin was red and inflamed and she was completely swollen from being in heat. We needed to get her in immediately to be spayed and treated.

Thanks to our friends at Ross Hospital who took such great care of Mia. Her uterus was infected and they kept her for a few nights just to make sure that she was okay and kept her on fluids and antibiotics. Mia was also treated for her severe skin condition.

Look at her today, she looks beautiful! Mia lives in the house with her family and takes very good care of her two kids.

Spayed dogs and cats are healthier and happier and so are their owners!!

Anyone notice the little girl sticking her tongue out at us?


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