April 15, 2015: Maya

Maya is such a lucky little puppy! This chain of events saved her life!

First a kind citizen Deb, rescued her locked in a garage, skin and bones and in very bad shape. That was her lucky day!

Then Deb and her husband took Maya to the vet and nursed her back to health and fostered her until she had three sets of puppy shots and her weight was good.

Then Deb called the Animal Care Network, who picked up little Maya, an adorable pit bull mix puppy, and called upon our loyal friends at the Michigan Animal Rescue League. Yes of course they will take her!

Maya was spayed and within a week was adopted by a wonderfu
family and previous MARL adopter. This little girl hit the jackpot!

Thank you to everyone involved in this chain of events that gave Maya a new and wonderful life!!!


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