April 15, 2015: Education and Persistance

When we first met this family four years ago they had a litter of kittens AND a litter of puppies and not one of their dogs or cats were fixed.

While out doing community outreach this week we stopped by to visit these guys to see check on the animals and see if they needed any assistance.

These addresses are what make our worth worthwhile and rewarding. Because of our persistence and education all three cats and four dogs are spayed and neutered and live amongst the family, they are not chained up.

When we pulled up we were greeted by the kids and the cats. MeMe the white pit bull was nearly dead when Carmen rescued her last year from a breeding neighbor that had the parvovirus, she was the sole survivor of that litter. Carmen spent all their money at the emergency clinic because MeMe was hospitalized for a week. Thanks to Wilson veterinarian for working with them. MeMe has doubled her weight and was actually going for a walk
when we pulled up!

If they ever were to add another dog or cat they would immediately call ACN to get it fixed. They also alert us to any other animals they see that need help.

Great job guys! This is what we strive for!

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education and persistance

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