April 14, 2015: Spay Neuter Success Dottie

Dot had three litters and would get very sick and emaciated after each litter. The last litter all but one puppy died and that sole survivor had to be humanely euthanized to serious health reasons.

We were finally able to pin the owners down to get her spayed and offered transportation to get her to the clinic because we kept getting the run around when the appointment times came.

Dot was spayed and vaccinated thanks to a spay neuter grant from the Reitz Family Fund.

She was a little bit grouchy about going back into the cage in the transport van when it was time to take her home, we we had to make other accommodations just for Dot. She got to ride solo in the back of the van which made her much happier.

No more puppies for Dottie, thank God!!!!

spay neuter success dottie

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