April 14, 2015: Poor Environment

Sadly many of the dogs in are target areas living on chains. Even many of those that have a dog pen, are chained within the pens.

Another tragedy is that the dogs areas are not kept clean and dry and free of debris and garbage, which can get pretty disgusting after awhile.

Check out this dog, we wonder when the last time his pen was cleaned out? Now that the snow has melted and with the rain if you don’t rake out the old straw and keep the area clean, it just mounts on top of each other with feces and urine and can become very nasty, very quick.

This pen hasn’t been cleaned out in so long that the doghouse is basically a cave coming out of the ground, yet the poor dog still crawls in there. He is also chained inside the pen.

They may be feeding this dog, but they sure aren’t keeping his living conditions clean. The Animal Care Network is constantly getting complaints about this situation, which we refer to animal control.

Again, we are volunteers and cannot force the owners to keep their dogs living environment clean. We talk to the owners as best as we can but normally get no answer the door slammed in our face. We cannot attempt to do it ourselves because the dog is extremely attack aggressive from living in this isolated situation his entire life.

Hopefully we will see some improvement soon.Poor environment

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