September 7, 2014: Cat Spay and Neuter Program

Every single cat and kitten that is spayed and neutered contributes to the goal of No More Homeless Pets, which many times seen like an unattainable goal in our target area, BUT WE KEEP ON WITH OUR MISSION!!

Every single cat and kitten that gets fixed is one less cat that will be adding to the overwhelming pet overpopulation problem.

Early spay and neuter is essential and life-saving more than anything!!! If these kittens are lost, given away, rehomed or abandoned at least they will not be reproducing at a later date.

The Animal Care Network wants to get every cat and kitten in the household fixed at the same time, young and old, male and female!!!

Here are some of our recent cat and kitten spay neuter recipients!!!

September 7 2014 cat spay neuter program

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