September 5, 2014: Senior Pit Bull Rescue

Many pit bull breeders seriously “dump” or “let go” their old breeder, mother dogs when they are done with them. Thus, the cycle continues with the younger generation until they are of no use.

Witnesses watched someone pull into an alley and push “Liz” out of the car and drive away. These kind people took Liz home with them and called the Animal Care Network to pick her up. She was extremely skinny, hot and exhausted and looked like she had a hundred litters.

Upon veterinary examination Liz was diagnosed with mange, mammary cancer, and cancer of the mouth, her teeth and gums are a mess, they actually were looking at her mouth and two teeth fell out. On top of all that Liz is heartworm positive and has a lot of damage to her heart.

We are not going to put this senior dog through all of the treatment for all of these serious issues, because she probably would not make it.

It is more humane for Liz to live the short remainder of her life with her foster mom until she starts getting sick and will no longer each or drink. She has been treated for some of the minor issues and for now is doing well and will not stop sitting pretty!!

Keep sitting pretty Liz! It is our honor and pleasure to care for you near the end and erase all those years of bad memories, abuse and neglect!! We think you are the best!


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