September 5, 2014: Rescued in the Nick of Time

This puppy was born outside and then given away with the rest of the litter to “live” outside, if that’s what you would like to call it. They even named him “Dog”

Then comes the call asking for a doghouse. NO we will not give doghouses to young puppies! This owner did not even pretend to act like the puppy was EVER going to come inside the house. The puppy was already on the verge of becoming aggressive, was being isolated and hit. At four months he was already growling and backing up in fear, this is not good.

Here are the concerned notes made by a volunteer on a routine ACN visit, no they would not give him up at the time.

“Dog, yes his name is Dog. I can see his life already. Has the run of the yard till the grass dies, then comes the chain….way, way in the back of the yard. Then the complete neglect of human contact, which includes daily feeding and water. :(“

The chain came sooner than we expected, then comes the rain, no shelter, they will not give him up, let’s call animal control.

Animal control arrives and gives the owner a stern warning, maybe they should give up
the puppy if they are not equipped to feed, shelter and vet him, the puppy needs vaccines,
shelter, bowls, food, water and a license.

Shortly after that visit the ACN was called to pick him up. Our hope is that with patience,
socialization and training in a foster home he can overcome his ALREADY bad behavior due
to the neglect and abuse he has sustained since being born.

If you would like to foster a puppy or dog like Luigi please call the office at: 248-545-5055.

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