September 5, 2014: Cat Abuse in Target Areas

Unfortunately our target area is not a safe place for cats to be due to disease and animal abuse.

We have encountered cats and kittens that have been set on fire, had paint, oil or gasoline poured on them. Some had had their whiskers burned, tails cut off and legs broken. Others have had rubber bands or other objects tied around their tails and necks and embedded collars. We have had calls about people blowing up cats
and kittens with fireworks and actually found a cat wandering the streets with an arrow through it’s body. It is very upsetting.

The Animal Care Network rescues and saves as many of these cats and kittens as possible. We also consistently attempt to educate the community, adults and children on proper and humane care of not only their own animals but stray, abandoned animals as well.

Again, this is very disturbing, but this is reality and what our volunteers deal with on a daily basis.

September 5 2014 Cat Abuse in Target Areas

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