September 4, 2014: Cat Problem – Injured, Abused, and Tortured

It is heartbreaking to see what many cats and kittens are subject to in our target areas. The friendly ones that have been dumped or abandoned are at risk of being tortured and abused, the unsocial or feral ones are being poisoned, attacked by other animals or hit by cars and left to suffer and die alone, many times a long painful death. The Animal Care Network volunteers are out every single day, responding to every single call that is received.

Many times our only option is to have these poor cats and kittens humanely euthanized thanks to the compassionate veterinarians and shelters that we work with.

Severe injuries, broken necrotic bones, severe infection, burns, wounds, maggots, compounded with anemia, dehydration and malnutrition sadly give us no other choice.

Heartbreaking and infuriating yes, but at least they are not suffering any longer.

Rest in peace little ones, you are not forgotten!

September 4 2014 Cat Problem 3 injured

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