September 3, 2014: Cat Problem – Sickness and Disease

The Animal Care Network is always on the run with phone calls to rescue cats and kittens in our target areas.

Sadly, many of them are suffering from various viruses, upper respiratory, starvation, malnutrition and anemia.

These poor cats are struggling to survive, many barely able to see or breath.

Many times we have to have them humanely euthanized for various reasons, but at least they are not out on the streets in search of food and water and a safe place to survive.

The Animal Care Network saves as many cats and kittens as we can, but tragically many of them are too far gone to save, they have suffered enough.

Yes these pictures are graphic and extremely upsetting and disturbing but this is reality and is a problem that our volunteers are addressing and tackling EVERY SINGLE DAY.

September 3, 2014 Cat Problem #2.pptx

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