September 23, 2014: Spay and Neuter – Spread the Word

When the Animal Care Network had Jimmy’s three pit bulls spayed, neutered and vaccinated, we were very happy.  It was the father dog and male female 5 month old puppies that were getting of age to breed amongst themselves.

Jimmy agreed to get all three dogs done and the ACN provided transportation as well!

When we brought the dogs home the neighbor came out and wanted to know what was going on, so we told him about the program!! Corey was very interested but we weren’t sure if he would call to have his five year old female pit bull done.

Guess what! He called two weeks later and we also had his dog spayed and vaccinated!

Many of our spay neuter recipients tell their friends and neighbors in our target area about the program and we are so happy about that!! Four more pit bulls fixed on one block~!!!

Word of mouth is awesome, spread the word…SPAY AND NEUTER!!!

September 23 2014 Spay and neuter

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