September 20, 2014: Animal Care Network Regular Address

When the teams first started visiting this address, we could get no where near these dogs. They were being bred and have been chained their entire lives, often times hungry and thirsty.  They started out extremely aggressive and it was very difficult
to help them.

We have tried very hard to educate the owners to bring them inside, let them have exercise off the chain, etc etc.

These two female dogs are now spayed and vaccinated after having at least three litters each.

They are extremely happy to see the volunteers and let us put the flies off ear meds on with no problem at all. Sadly, this is how they will live their lives out, the owners WILL NOT surrender these two.

So we will visit them regularly and make sure they have straw to keep them warm and dry and food and water.

And yes, every time we visit, we will educated and speak to the owners to make sure their chains do not get stuck, their area is cleaned and that they have fresh food and water every
single day.

At many addresses, this is the best that we can do. If nothing else, they will have no more litters, have gained weight and look forward to seeing our volunteers.

We are sorry that you two have to live like this, but are glad when we can brighten your day and make you a bit more comfortable if even for a moment!

September 20 2014 ACN regular address

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