September 2, 2014: Diesel and Squirrel

Diesel and Squirrel’s owners were moving and they were going to have to give these guys up because they were not neutered and up to date on vaccines. What a great policy by their new landlord huh? Especially since there are assistance programs available! Many people will think that the landlord is discriminating again pit bulls but this policy was put in place by the home owner for all dogs and cats residing in this home due to very bad past experiences with pets that were not fixed!

Well, problem solved!!! ACN was contacted and these two four year old brother pit bulls were neutered and vaccinated thanks to our partnership with Michigan Humane Society and their free pit bull sterilization program.

As we all know there is not a high demand for four year old unneutered black pit bulls and the shelters and rescue groups are inundated with pit bulls and pit bull mixes!

End result: The dog owners are happy, the landlord is happy and the dogs are neutered, healthier, better behaved and happy and two less dogs adding to the pet overpopulation problem!

September 2 2014 Diesel and Squirrel

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