September 19, 2014: Animal Care Network Stop

The Animal Care Network teams stop whenever dogs or cats are noticed. It is a good thing the team stopped at this address!!

The multiple family home had 5 dogs 6 puppies and 5 cats.  The team offered assistance of spay/neuter and the owners could not believe that this program was available.

So far we have had four dogs and five cats fixed for this one house and the puppies will be getting fixed before they are given away. We tried to get some of the puppies surrendered, but they already all were spoken for of course.

We hope the puppies all get good homes, and at least they will be fixed so they are not reproducing in the future.

We were able to educate and convince this family to be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

Good work team!

September 19 2014 ACN stop


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