September 15, 2014: Cat Dumped Out of Moving Vehicle

It still astounds us that people insist on dumping animals when there are THREE animal shelter within ten minutes of our target area.

So many people insist on criticizing animal shelters, but isn’t it better for the animal to be brought to the safety of a shelter than to be dumped on the streets?

Someone witnessed a car pull over on a main road and throw this calico cat out on the curb by a field, how horrible!

Thankfully the kind citizen called the Animal Care Network and we were able to slowly coax this frightened, injured cat close enough to us to get her into a carrier.

Sadly, at the time of the dumping, her condition was already poor, she was emaciated and severely matted.

Upon examination by one of our veterinarians her condition was grave and the decision was made to have her humanely euthanized.

This happened very quickly so no one was able to get the offenders license plate.

Rest in peace, pretty girl, we are sorry that your owners decided to dump you rather than doing the right thing and taking you to a shelter.

September 15 2014  Cat dumped out of car

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