October 30, 2014: Team Rose and Kim

The Animal Care Network is very blessed and fortunate to have some of the most awesome volunteers ever!  Rose and Kim are two of our most experienced, street savvy gals and are faithfully on the streets at least once or twice a month!

These gals have a unique ability to communicate with owners in an amazing, non threatening way, which is critical to accomplish our goals, which could be owner surrender, spay neuter or better living arrangements or education.

Thank you so much Rose and Kim for hanging in there all of these years and for doing your amazing work on the streets!!! Thank you also for not letting the heartbreak and regular witnessing of neglect and abuse run you off. We all know how emotionally draining
that this work can be, but you carry on with the rest of us.

You are truly appreciated! You are angels to every dog and cat that you come in contact with.

team rose and kim

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