October 29, 2014: Team Kathy and Heather

The Animal Care Network is very blessed and fortunate to have some of the best volunteers possible.

Team Kathy and Heather are two of these amazing volunteers! They have been out on the streets for years. These two are two of the smartest, level headed gals you could ever meet!

They are extremely dedicated to the outdoor dogs and are truly committed to helping them. Many of the situations that they come across are heartbreaking, but these two strive to make the conditions better and do whatever they can to remedy many situations, whether it be talking the owners into giving up the dog, reporting the situation to Oakland County Animal Control or rushing a suffering dog to the emergency clinic.

Thank you both for your compassion, commitment and expertise on the streets!!! You make our team better and more importantly you make the animals better!!

team kathy and heather

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