October 1, 2014: Animal Care Network Weekend

Thanks to John, Tracy, Jen and Sue for being out on the streets all weekend long making over 50 stops and assisting over 100 dogs and cats and their owners.

These teams are so thorough, they make sure that all the dogs and cats get something to eat drink, straw for the doghouses, ears are taken care of, every owner is talked to and educated about proper and humane care of indoor and outdoor animals.

If the owners are unable to care for the pets the teams will offer to take the dog or cat. Educational and informative packets are given out at every single address which includes, vaccine information, upcoming clinics, spay neuter information, parvovirus information, hot and cold weather tips, humane treatment of outdoor animals, grooming information, food assistance guidelines and much more.

Sadly we cannot force people to unchain their dogs, so we attempt to get the animals spayed and neutered, vaccinated and educate the owners to the best of our ability. If the addresses are out of our league many times we call upon our friends at Oakland County Animal Control to step in. What a worthwhile and effective partnership this has been!

Great job teams!!! We ARE making a difference!!!!

October 1 2014 acn weekend 1 October 1 2014 acn weekend 2

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