November 4, 2014: Pearl

Pearl is lucky to be alive, she had not eaten in weeks and was chained in the basement with no access to water. The Animal Care Network received a call from an owner that stated she could not watch her dog suffer any longer. She was going to call sooner but the daughter LOVED THE DOG SO MUCH she didn’t want to give her up. Let’s not even try to make sense of that one.

They loved the dog so much, they chained her in a basement with no food or water. We knew it was bad so we responded immediately.

As furious as we get, we have to put our anger away in a quiet place for the dogs sake. If we exhibit aggression and confrontation, we may not leave with the animal, so we maintain our cool, get the owner surrender signed and hope and pray they DO NOT get another dog!

So off we went, with frail, skeletal Pearl, cozied up in the rescue van on a blanket with a small amount of food and water which she lapped and gobbled up. So heartbreaking when she sits down her boney back knees touch together.

Pearl is in a foster home being spoiled, fed, watered, bathed and very much loved. She is a awesome dog that is very much appreciative of her new, very different temporary home.

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