November 3, 2014: Update on Spud – Rescued by Cindy Merz

Our wonderful volunteer, Cindy Merz, sadly passed away in July 2013, but her animal rescue stories live on!!

Cindy rescued Spud just a few months before she passed away. She bravely took him from a “not so savory” group of guys, he was covered with wounds from dogfighting.

Cindy adored this dog, he looked like a pit bull but with the cutest short legs you can imagine. She took him to the veterinarian and fostered him until all his wounds healed up. His skin was a mess and his ears were swollen shut.

Cindy found a wonderful home for Spud and we were so happy to hear from them last week. Spud is spoiled rotten, lives on a lake and goes out on the boat with his family. His mom Debbie said they cannot even say the “B” word in front of him because he gets so excited.

From a dogfight to living a loving, wonderful, spoiled life, you would never know that anything bad had ever happened to Spud. His temperament and personality is exceptional and he loves everyone and every animal that he meets.

We hope that Cindy is smiling down as her legacy lives on in all the wonderful work that she did for SO many years for the animals and the community.

We miss you Cindy!!!

update on spud rescued by cindy merz

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