November 24, 2014: Dogs or Puppies

dogs or puppiesWhen Charles and Darcy called to see if the Animal Care Network had a program available to help get their three “puppies” fixed and vaccinated, we said “YES WE DO!!”.

Well when they showed up at the All About Animals clinic these puppies were in reality SIXTY pound dogs!!!

Thankfully they had room on the transport vehicle for these giant “puppies”.   One of them even had to be carried in like a baby puppy.  These dogs were ready and old enough to start mating with each other!!

Regardless, THEY ARE NOW ALL FIXED AND VACCINATED FOR ONLY $20.00 EACH thanks to a private spay neuter grant!

Puppies or dogs, they all need to be fixed!!!!

Thanks Charles and Darcy for getting this done and not contributing to an already overwhelming problem!

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