November 19, 2014: Nobody Would Stop

All of us at the Animal Care Network are so thankful that we have brought the plight of the animals to the community that we serve, and are so thankful that our name and number is out there!

This poor cat had been hit by a car, lying in the middle of the road in the pouring rain. Cars drove right by without stopping to see if the cat was alive or dead.

And then comes Willie on his bike, witnessing cars going around the cat. Willie stopped, wrapped the soaking wet, badly injured cat in his coat and took him home and called ACN immediately. He said “Pam, I just rescued a cat that got hit by a car, please come right away, he is hurt real bad”

What a great, wonderful thing that was for him to do. I was so proud of him and thought “wow, we have really got through to some people”. This is a person that you would never think would do something like this, but he did, and it is amazing.

I thanked him over and over again and rushed the cat to a local shelter, wrapped in a blanket, heat blaring.

Sadly, the cats injuries were life threatening, he was hypothermic and in shock, bless his heart. He was humanely euthanized.

Thank you Willie for being this cat’s hero and not leaving him in the street in the pouring rain to suffer more and die alone!

nobody would stop


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