November 16, 2014: Kathy

Kathy had recently lost her husband, was struggling and really needed help with dog food. She had two dogs and only one was fixed. Animal Care Network guidelines mandate that all dogs and cats in the household be fixed in order to receive food assistance, Kathy’s husband never wanted the other dog neutered.

Kathy realized that she needed the help and agreed to get Rebel, the Dachshund neutered. Rebel did wonderful, ACN provided transportation and he also got his much needed vaccines at the same time.

Shortly after Rebel was neutered, Kathy’s elderly Chihuahua Peanut became ill and needed to be put to sleep.

Thank you to Oakland County Animal Care Center for making this a much easier decision for Kathy to make and for making it affordable to have Peanut humanely euthanized and get his ashes back. The ACN pitched in to help her make this possible. Little Peanut was adorable and had a long, good, loving life.

Peanut was neutered many years ago and lived a long life because of that and Kathy is so happy she decided to get Rebel neutered.

The ACN checks on them periodically and helps with food and of course brings Rebel doggie toys and balls because that makes him very, very happy. He answers the door with a ball in his mouth, so cute!

Kathy says she is leaving the Animal Care Network in her will!!

Thank you Kathy, but this is what we do, we expect nothing in return except care and love given to your pets!!


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