November 15, 2014: Animal Care Network Straw Delivery

The Animal Care Network teams and volunteers are on the streets more than ever during the cold weather!!! Everyday volunteers are out rescuing dogs and cats, educating the community, helping pet owners with food, spay neuter and checking on outdoor dogs.

We stuff the doghouses full of straw ourselves and also spread straw around the doghouses to soak up mud and ice and to make it easier on the outdoor dogs feet. If we are unable to approach a dog, we either make the owner come out with us or do it the Marie Skladd way, teetering over the fence while someone else is feeding or distracting the dog. We get it done!!! The Animal Care Network WILL NOT LEAVE STRAW AT THE ADDRESS, it must be put in the doghouse immediately.

This is what happens when we leave a bale of straw or a bag of straw. Once straw gets moist, wet or frozen it cannot be used in the doghouses to keep them warm.

Sadly from past experience when we leave straw for the owners to put in, IT JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN…..SO SO SAD.

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acn straw delivery

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