November 14, 2014: Great Pit Bull Rescue

Meet Maximus!!!

Several years ago Maximus was on his way to a dogfight, now he is living a “crime free” life!!

The ACN received a call about some very “shady” guys that were taking their dogs to fight.

ACN responded immediately and witnessed the guys trying to get Max and another dog to attack each other, neither dog was complying. Upon arrival and shouting out at them all the guys took off and let go of Max, who we immediately took into our possession. Luckily, the next day we found the second dog tied to a tree behind a vacant house.

Here is Maximus now, just a gorgeous dog, one of the nicest pit bulls you could ever meet. He swims, he rides in the car, he gets along with absolutely everyone, and all dogs big and small. He is amazing! He was a little hard to handle in the beginning but with some pretty great training and a good home, he is just wonderful and so well behaved!

So thankful we got you and your friend out of there Max!

Great pitt bull rescue

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