November 13, 2014: Rescued Dogs

Nobody had heard from Sally’s owner in days and they began to worry and wonder why. One of the neighbors went to check on him and sadly found the owner had passed away.

Sally was taken to the neighbors house where they called the Animal Care Network to pick her up. She is very skinny and clearly had been on her own for a little while. Our condolences to her owner’s family.

Dexter’s owner had to move to a mobile park where they found they could no longer keep him so they called ACN to pick him up.

Both dogs need to be in a foster home until healthy, evaluated and then adopted.

If you would like to foster or adopt Sally or Dexter please contact our office at 248-545-5055. Rescues like this happen for our group on a daily basis and we have limited foster homes.

Please foster or adopt a rescue dog!!

rescue dogs

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