November 11, 2014: Puppies Born to Die

Animal Care Network comes across litters of puppies born to backyard dogs frequently. This is absolutely heartbreaking especially when the mother dog is not in good shape.

Thanks to volunteers Sue and Dawn, upon checking on a backyard dog with puppies, realized that the only two surviving puppies were in trouble. They were ice cold and the mother had been attacking them. The owner surrendered the two puppies and they were taken immediately to the emergency clinic where sadly they had to be humanely euthanized due to their severe condition. The owners have agreed to have the mother dog spayed, they absolutely would not give her up, the volunteers tried.

At another address not to far away they were checking on a mother dog in a basement also with a litter. Again, the owner would not give up the mother or the puppies, but Sue noticed that one puppy’s head was swollen so she was able to leave with that one. Upon being rushed to emergency, the puppy was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, fluid in the brain and also had to be humanely euthanized.

This owner has also agreed to get the mother dog spayed.

The Animal Care Network will make sure that this happens!

These visits are very difficult on the volunteers because we always want to get THEM ALL out of these situations, but sadly that does not always happen, so we do the BEST that we can.

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Puppies are born to die

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