November 10, 2014: Volunteer Dawn and Sue’s Lifesaving Rescue

Sue and Dawn were out on a weekend Animal Care Network run when we received a call came into the ACN dispatch phone about a Pomeranian that had been attacked by a big dog over a week earlier. The owner’s had no way of getting her to the vet and also had no money for medical care.

Sue and Dawn responded immediately and were able to get an owner surrender on “Abby” an adorable little girl that we had spayed just a few months earlier. Her eye was out of the socket, what pain she had to have been in.

They rushed Abby to Dawn’s veterinarian who was thankfully open on Sunday morning and they did immediately surgery to remove Abby’s eye. Dawn paid for this out of her own pocket, bless her heart.

As you can see, Abby has recovered perfectly and guess who her new mom is? You guessed it….Dawn!!

Sue and Dawn, you saved Abby’s life!

volunteer dawn and sues lifesaving rescue

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