May 29, 2014: Missing and Remembering Cindy Merz

I write this wiping away tears because today was definitely a Cindy Merz kind of a day.

Every single day something reminds me of Cindy who we lost last July.

Every single time I go into Pontiac there is something that I wish I could tell her, that I wish I could show her or just share with her. Even the silliest things gave her such joy and made her laugh and appreciate life even more.

Today was one of those days. Cindy had such a great, different sense of humor, we laughed about some of the dumbest things constantly.

The day started out with the barn swallows all over by our storage unit, I remember how they flew over when we were at Cindy’s gravesite.

Then I tried to catch a chicken which she would have totally found hilarious.

I saw some silly graffiti that I knew she would have totally cracked up over.

Cindy took on a lot of families in Pontiac that she really connected with and became quite devoted to. I visited one of those families today to drop off some dog food. “Bill” had his own little Auto Show set up on his front yard and front porch. It was one of the cutest things I had ever seen and I thought to myself “I wish Cindy could see this, she would love it and get such a kick out of this”. She would have been real proud of Bill. She absolutely adored the special and unique!

And then to close the day, a gorgeous colorful sky.

Cindy, we all miss you so very much and think of you often.

I hope and pray that you are always with us and witness these silly and touching moments that remind us of you each and every day!

remembering cindy

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