May 2, 2014: Persistence Pays Off

The Animal Care Network changed our food assistance guidelines many years ago. We realized that we could not in good conscience enable pet owners that were breeding, whether it be intentional or accidental. We could not enable people that add to the already tragic homeless pet epidemic, we could not be a part of the pet overpopulation problem.

Our guidelines were changed to mandate that ALL dogs and cats in the household must be spayed and neutered in order to receive food assistance. Many other groups in our target areas also were doing the same. Financial assistance for spay/neuter was also offered, as well as transportation to the veterinarian, so that there could be no “excuses” such as “we can’t afford it” or “we have no way to get to the vet”

Because so many pet owners need the help with dog and cat food, this has resulted in thousands more animals being fixed.

Most people are agreeable, but then we always have the not so agreeable ones. The ones that say “we aren’t going to breed them” or “my dog or cat will never get pregnant” or “never gets out”
Darlinda was one of those people, many appointments were made to have her female pit bull spayed, many trips to her house to pick up the dog to no avail. They would just not answer the phone or the door. Then she gets a male pit bull and still wants free food. We told her no more until we get your dogs fixed. She started going to MARL for free food but they changed their policy as well!!

So we got together with MARL and had one last chat with Darlinda and took our stance! This was six years in the making but we did not give up!!! Every single one of us argued, debated, gave in, said no and many times simply walked away, but we all participated in the final result of this story… the dogs got fixed!!

Darlinda’s male and female pit bull are now fixed and vaccinated thanks to a group effort with MARL and the Michigan Humane Society “free” pit bull sterilization program. Animal Care Network also helped provide transportation to ensure that the dogs made it to their appointment.

After all this, we were not going to take any chances with any “no shows”!!

Great work team!!!! Thanks for all your patience and persistence on this one!!

Persistence Pays Off

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