May 16, 2014: Thank you to Detroit Dog Rescue for Food Donation

The Animal Care Network reached out to Detroit Dog Rescue for some help with dog food for our Pontiac outreach program and did they ever come through for us!! Wow!

Even though we both do similar programs, ACN in Pontiac and Inkster and DDR in Detroit, we have never really had the opportunity to work with them, so this was our first interaction! And I must say it was sure a great one!

Thank you so, so much DDR and Kristina for your generosity and your immediate willingness and quick response to assist us. Not only did they help us with dog food, but also cat food and biscuits and treats.

We go through huge quantities every week in our endeavor to assist pet owners that are having a hard time and need help so their dogs and cats do not go hungry. We also mandate that every single dog and cat in our program be spayed and neutered and we provide financial assistance and transportation to make that happen.

Thankfully the demand for spay and neuter in our target area is high, therefore, our food assistance program need grows higher every single week.

In one day, Detroit Dog Rescue helped us stock our storage unit so that we can continue our mission and we are extremely blessed and grateful for this generous donation and look forward to working with them again.

All of us in rescue must learn to respect and appreciate each other’s work and what we are all trying to do, then the accomplishments and results can be absolutely amazing!!!

Also thank you to Ken, Tommy, Kylo, and Megan for pickingup the food and unloading it!

What a great day this was!!!!!!!

ddr food donation May 2014

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