March 4, 2014: Prevent Health Problems by Spaying and Neutering

February was spay and neuter awareness month but the Animal Care Network is going to continue the education and awareness on a regular basis..we believe this is the key to decreasing the pet overpopulation problem and the ever increasing homelessness problem.

How can we become a “no-kill” environment if the breeding, whether intentional or “accidental” is still out of control.

Not only does spay and neuter help with the overpopulation problem but it is important for many health and temperament problems.

It can prevent or lower the risk of breast/mammary cancer, prevent mastitis and uterus infections (pyometra) which can kill a dog or cat.

We are constantly hearing “we are not going to breed our dog, but we do not want her spayed either”.

Well here are a few more good reasons to spay and neuter!!!!

March 4 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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