March 31, 2014: Dumped

A citizen noticed someone stop at a corner and push this poor freezing cold, skinny, filthy dirty female pit bull out of the car and speed off. They called the Animal Care Network right away.

Fortunately ACN volunteers were nearby when they received the call and responded immediately.

Layla was still sitting at the corner shaking when the volunteers pulled up. She was terrified, but with a little slow and calm coaxing, we were able to gain her trust and get her into the rescue van. She actually jumped right into the cage and settled in on a nice warm blanket, she knew it was a safe, warm place. She stayed at the back of the cage but at our next stop we checked on her and she was wagging her tail at the front of the cage. What a nice, thankful dog she turned out to be!

Layla was taken to a local rescue group.

Sadly in our target areas, many of the dogs on the streets are not lost, they are dumped, let go or left behind when the owners move. Layla is another one of these victims.

March 31 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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