March 22, 2014: Animal Care Network Team Sue and Dawn

Let’s give a big round of applause to our volunteer team Sue and Dawn!!!

These gals are incredible, they go out on the streets at least one a week, rain or shine, ice or snow, to rescue and check on animals. They are extremely street smart and do a little bit of everything when they are out. They have been out during many a blizzard this winter. Instead of complaining about the roads, the weather and the cold, they say “we do our best work when it is bad out”.

Dawn and Sue rescue dogs and cats every time they are out. Often times they come into very dire situations where the dogs or cats are dying and it is Sunday, but they always manage to find an emergency clinic or a veterinarian that will help to humanely euthanize these suffering animals. These situations seem to come up every single time they are out, but they deal with it and do what is right for the animal.

They also educate and promote spay and neuter to everyone they see. They check out vacant houses that may be used for housing animals and stop at any address where they see an animal in trouble.

They take impeccable notes and Dawn also fosters dogs and cats on a regular basis which is extremely helpful.

They also help transport animals for spay and neuter whenever needed and do last minute and night emergency runs.

The Animal Care Network is very lucky to have these two gals on our team.

Thank you both for your compassion, hard work and never ending dedication. We truly appreciate you both.

March 22 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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