March 19, 2014: Brea

The ACN received a call to pick up a puppy by an address that we visit frequently. We know that we cannot wait when it comes to picking up dogs and cats. They may be “let go”
or given away if we do not respond immediately.

This puppy was at an address where all of their former puppies ended up chained in the backyard and one thing led to another, they were either stolen, broke lose and got hit by a car, died from the parvovirus or other not so good endings.

Sue responded immediately and by the time she got there the people were changing their minds. Thanks to her persistence and good communication skills the puppy left
with Sue.

Once again we must thank Michigan Animal Rescue League for taking Brea, getting her vaccinated and spayed and finding her a wonderful home!!!!

March 19 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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