March 16, 2014: Neuter for Two Males

Michelle was very concerned about how she was going to afford to get her two male dogs neutered! She did not want them to start fighting and Achilles also had a sore on his leg that needed to be check out.

All that she had to do was call Animal Care Network and thankfully she lives in our target area and we got them booked in very quickly!

Achilles and Sparky, wonderful and friendly big guys, both got neutered, vaccinated and Achilles got the sore on his leg treated at the same time. Can’t beat that deal huh?

Luckily she was able to participate in our free pit bull program and is extremely happy about it!!

Michelle writes:

“Everything went great and thank you for everything! Also I just want to thank Ross Hospital for taking excellent care of my fur babies today (Spark & Achillies), My family appreciates everything very much! Excellent care received!”

March 16 2014 PicMonkey Collage


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