March 13, 2014: ACN Weekend

The ACN team and volunteers ALWAYS ask owners to bring the dogs inside in cold weather, ALWAYS attempt to educate and ALWAYS ask the owners to come out with them to check on the dogs. That way we can point out ALL the problems that are going on in the backyard, example, no food, no water, no bowls, no straw, tangled chain, ribs showing, the list goes on………. we also ALWAYS offer to rescue the dogs if they don’t want them and/or are not taking care of them (which is sadly, more times than not).

Many owners don’t want to come out and if they do come out do not really want to spend any time with the dogs. They want to get back inside, where it is warm.

The team always spends some extra time petting and talking to these lonely ones.

Once again, we will never figure out why people have dogs that are going to be chained up 24/7 in the backyard.

They just do.

March 13 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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